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Lilu galactic language interview translation
digitall_angell wrote in d_a_english

A: It’s a short message to humanity. Be children, be like children*. Play, be ready for interaction, collaboration, and  partnership. Perceive and embrace everything much easier than you do now.
*Meaning look at the world without social templates and prejudice.  
Q: Why is the language different today compared to yesterday?
A: I am still incorporating different sounds from different languages. It’s a process of synthesis, so more beings can understand it. Its like swimming in (information) fields. Human language structures have changed much since we first visited this place in our initial form. There’s a common light language, a flexible impulse field of sorts, that builds up for maximum understanding.
People need to learn to listen with the heart and take down the language barriers. It is of no importance what a person says and in which form, the important part is how their heart sounds in that speech. Some settings will be applied here. Right now this space is being scanned, a new language is being synthesized for communication.
You need to learn to sound more uniquely, search for your own norms of sound and incorporate them. In that way you will quickly be able to convey your thoughts to the beings of light that come now and will be coming to this planet in the future, and each of them will sound differently. It will probably sound funny and crypto, but it is sincere, like in open flight. A language does not have a defined set of words, it has vibrations. There is a basis, a foundation. But it is now given to eliminate boarders.
Q: How did Luke Besson get your language?
(Luke Besson used similar language in the movie “Fifth Element”. According to him, 400 words were created to be used in the film)

A: Exactly the same way, while playing. He took a hologram, a language projection.
Q: How did he do it?
A: By exiting the space of matrix
Q: He travels out of body?
A: Yes, of course, like many creative people
Q: What is true in the movie “5 element”?
A: Yesterday we spoke much of Lilu’s character of, she is the carrier of pink haze, pink skin, pink hair. Rose is a symbol of love, symbol of Mary Magdalene, who carried out her mission, also on this planet, exercised her rule and activated all created processes with the 5th element, because 4 elements are not enough to live and develop. And 4 elements, 4 stones are symbols of crystals and crystal bodies, that are hidden in their carriers and will be activated.
Yes, it is true that they are being hunted for, but there are many, they are fractal and can be assembled. They are distributed between many many people that live on the planet today. The crystal’s substance is distributed between people, and if one carrier perishes, the substance is distributed to others. The carriers are those that sing well, good singers. Lava Laguna is the key that shows their true nature. The movie exaggerates much, but these are compiled characters, keys, in fact everything looks different.
Q: How did we end up with 4 elements instead of 5? Where did the fifth go, was it blocked? Is it being shielded?
A: It’s a traveler
Q: Love is a traveler?
A: Yes, love is freedom. And its core substance is freedom and flight. That is why it was considered ephemeral, venal, illusory. Creative beings of unconsolidated (less dense) form, unrevealed element. It also travels the path of establishment and compression. And that is also a lesson – to catch, hold and handle it as an element. Not all can even hold their own elements, even 4 elements are hard to manage in one human body, and the 5th is even harder. Its an uncontrollable element, tremendous, and many close themselves from it, because it is still unknown in this density on this planet.
Q: That language you just spoke, is it really similar to Sanskrit & Aramаic, or what does it resemble more?
A: Yes, they too are part of the interaction with the language field , the general theory of light sounds, impulses. It is voiced in many different ways for reasons of difference in vocal organs and chords in different beings and in different densities, and atmospheres. The same impulse sounds differently in different worlds. To do this, many forms are created to keep the impulse, to communicate with it and pass it on, but the main thing is that higher beings of light , for them form is of no importance, they adapt the system to sound , ie they easily insert different constructs into any design as well as you do, for instance, with  Esperanto. See the analogy, is very clearly shown.
Q: This language then, is it the galactic language of light?
A: Yes, also that, many beings communicate in it up there, it is comprehensive, but telepathy is also of importance. Telepathy is key, and that is why it was given in such playful form, alive, adoptive, flexible, unfixed. Its very hard to analyze, because it slips away. Intonations and sounds are very important, every sound can carry in itself very capacious forms of communication. The same sound can behave terrifyingly, it can curse, caress, or just be information in pure form.
Q: This language is understood by all in neighboring space?
A: Not absolutely all. Those that have the objective to understand, they will understand me and I will understand them. Speech organs are built to sound in such a way. In a different body I will sound differently.
Q: Please introduce yourself once again (wanted to hear the full name)
A: Lilu….. (untranslatable word game). There is the root of Lilu, Lolita, Lali – what in your world is associated with the aspect of goddess of games and love. But it always sways, as sways the structure of fifth element – it has an unstable form, and is added with values such as “playful love”, “giving love”, love as a structure of light and darkness, and depending which shade of it sounds now, it also sounds in the name, while having a common root, but different settings.
 Also the construction of syllables is interesting. If somebody is being addressed, then there will be more affirmations and consonants. For example (-untranslatable). If it’s a plea, then there will be more vowels in the beginning (untranslatable). All depends on the objectives of the construct.
Q: Why do you say Russian language is heavy?
A: It is very dense, structured, it needs to be worked with differently. Denser vibrations.
Q: Can you explain how the Russian language was compressed from what used to be before? Alphabet was different, you have knowledge of that?
A: She says its complicated, needs to be studied.
Q: The language that people speak, does it have direct programming consequences for their local reality?
A: Yes, of course
Q: So, basically, when we change our language, we change the quality of our reality, including its density?
A: Yes, absolutely language is the carrier of the common field, characteristics of DNA codes are reflected in it, and so it sounds differently.
A: So, if anyone was to change the parameters of our reality without our knowledge, they could simply change the language?
A: yes, of course. Knowledge of the fact that language is a living entity and the attempt to structure it, to shove into a certain framework, that amputates the possibility to evolve, to understand one another, creates the illusion of separation. It is needed at certain stages of development, but it is also important to understand what is what.


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