The larger perspective
I have learnt that our souls are an endless, timeless, fruitful and limitless truth,

Void of fear, and highly pretendless, they bare love and unbounded youth.

Something higher fills our heads with wonder, wild beauty and jungle rain,

As it strokes us with untamed thunder, as it exorcises our pain.

It had made me profoundly certain, that behind all material things,

There exists something much more important, something great and unbounded by strings.

Something able to heal all soreness, vivid, vibrant and soaked in devotion,

Something pure, abundant and boreless; you may sometimes call it emotion...

I considered all ways and all choices, sometimes impotent, weak and in vain,

I have listened to thousands of voices, and I treated them all just the same,

And I learnt to believe in a meaning, higher force that we all disregard,

And I opened my eyes to be free now; and I called this life EN GARDE!

And my world filled with a billion choices, and it gave me a reason to be,

As it muted the doubtful voices, that hummed quietly inside me.

It corrected my inner visions, whether personal or united,

It acknowledged my higher decisions, my benevolence igniting...

It may heed no immediate meanings, for subjective it always remains,

And it ends to give way to beginnings, always passing through thinner planes.

And it chases away the shadows, from all fear and sin it refrains,

It feels guilty, yet begs no pardons, as it tares and breaks our chains!

And I lost sense of fear and treason, and I found a wisdom within,

I saw emptiness drenched with reason; I met virtue soaking in sin.

And the details really dont matter, whether sober, or dark, or sublime,

My dreams now remain unshattered - vibrant, potent, and unbounded by time...

Prayer from the Akashic Records for releasing entities and negative energies
"Father/Mother/God/Spirit/ Source I ask that all negative energies and
entities be sent to the light for the highest evolution and mutual benefit
for everyone concerned".

Here is another formula that was channelled just last week:

E = VS

E = Energy
V = Volume of information
S = Speed of Perception (of the information volume)

E = VS is the formula of the transformation of energy.

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room clearing & Multi-dimensional clearing
Intention & trust is all important. Go into your heart space before you begin and ay these out loud. Metaphors/visualisations engage the Right brain.  Even if the conscious mind can’t make any sense of it the subconscious will find meaning in them. You may find these useful:

I am in spirit, I am one with the Creator
All of creation is blessed by this healing
I intend to clear this room of all negative energies.

I visualise a large silver sphere in the centre of the room, a stream of energy goes straight up from this sphere to the Creator. I then visualise placing a smaller sphere in each corner of the room and, as I watch, all the negative energies in the room flow from the small spheres to the large sphere in the centre of the room.

We place the command “All negative energies from this room rise to Creator
and immediately become positive.”

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Architects of change
The following message is a compound product of several sessions conducted thru numerous subjects.
It makes a lot of sense to me personally and I would be grateful to hear any opinions here.
In the Infinite Scope of possibilities time does not exist. It is simply provided for all to learn and can be changed regardless of apparent rules, in any direction necessary, by any protagonist sufficiently skilled and trusted with such task.
From the point in "time" when the Singularity first divided itself, from the moment it asked its mirror opposite "what happens if...", the course of Creation had begun. A set of pinging interactions between "yes" and "no" functions has been set in place in order to facilitate this process of self-discovery.

"Are you awake? - No - Then wake up! - Yes!"

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Dropping timelines
Imagine you were a designer of an elaborate videogame. You design the stages, the characters, the rules and the plots. You construct and implement everything that exists and interacts inside it.
As a matter of fact, you generate all the bits and the bytes inside the source code, you ARE the Game.

However, for the sake of making it fun for yourself to play too, while remaining omnipotent and omnipresent, you can divide yourself into infinite sub-units, make your presence invisible and trigger amnesia in your subs under certain circumstances, so as for the game to never get old. You entrust each of your created elements with sufficient memory, intelligence, processing capability, variable choice, and a degree of interaction with its meta-environment and adjacent players. To some characters you even give free will. And you make it all true enough to be considered a Reality.

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An interesting left brain shudown effect
a woman had a stroke and was only able to see the world thru her right brain, as her left hemisphere shut down completely.
pretty amazing!!!

Light protection
Stand up, put your hands down and make your palms face front. Breathe deeply in through the nose, exhale thru the mouth.
Close your eyes and:
Imagine a ray of light going thru ur body from the cosmos into ur head and exiting thru the feet.
Imagine that light expanding your aura, filling you like a river.

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Negative Energies.
If you understand the concept of Unbounded One, you also understand that even those energies that appear "malevolent" to us, are in fact one and the same with us at the very core. They are manifestations of One - droplets, waves and undercurrents in the ocean of Universal Consciousness.

They are highly elaborate tests of courage, integrity, curiosity, benevolence and free will, designed at the highest levels of Cosmic Wisdom, and administered through infinite mechanisms of trial-and-error inside the probable scenarios of our interlocked realities. They are cycles within cycles, Pandora boxes inserted into one another like Russian dolls, and organized into fractal, conditional, self-sufficient and variably recurring feedback loops.

Our reactions to these often intangible but definitely guided processes ("outside influences") give way to an infinite scope of probability distributions for our respective  futures (potential outcomes or routes taken, which turn the quantity into a quality - collect enough creative thoughts for an event to take place) in any given system or environment (social, geopolitical, physical, planetary, cosmic, metaphysical etc.).
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Personal ascension story
As library outlines faded into darkness, Carven found himself on an open terrace, staring down at a giant city beneath. The enormous estate behind him was now immersed in greenery and packed with marble statues, trees trimmed into abstract animal figures, oversized vases filled with decorative glass beads, and massive ceramic pots with blooming exotic flowers. A small playground furnished with swing sets and a sandpit hid in the shadows of centurion pine trees.

Cluttered city tiles below floated for miles into the tainted skyline. Split by streams and rivers of stirring lights,  they grabbed onto remote tips of darkness and drowned in indiscernible ocean far beyond the horizon.

Thousands of villas, condos and apartment blocks lay scattered in the valley.  Two skyscraper clusters stood tall and proud in the middle of this giant lagoon of alien suburbia, resembling a magic glowing carpet in Wonderland South-Central.

South Central... That notion stuck in his mind for a moment, only to reinforce the feeling of being home again.

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Meeting the Global Predictor
hello, and allow me to get directly to the point.

I induced an old friend of mine, a man who absolutely was not predisposed to any "paranormality", with zero knowledge of somnambulistic matters. This fact is very important because I never thought that it was from him that the following data will come. it is simply FLABBERGASTING!

he went under quite quickly. i even had a feeling he was playing along, rather than going under. as if he was waiting for me to call up the subconscious.
All began with his subconscious flatly refusing to work on the body, saying that the client can cure himself if he so wished. it also refused to let me speak to any other entities.
also, it stated that:

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