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Time travelers, light beings & Ascension
digitall_angell wrote in d_a_english
A friend of mine wanted a hypnosis session after a series of disturbing dreams that involved him being under attack of some sort, or being inside a war zone and helping others out.

There were also a few UFO dreams. The most recent one included him being abducted by some light entities that he could not see clearly. Upon sudden awakening from this particular dream he found ligature marks on his wrist and 2 identical puncture marks, resembling a spider bite (pic attached below).

The ligature marks  vanished within minutes of awakening, but the puncture marks are still there 3 days later.

Sidenote: The double puncture markings appear for the second time in my practice in the last 4 months. Another subject had also reported similar dreams and strange markings (on his left side around the ribs, pic attached below) and was able to follow their origin in a separate hypnosis session. His visions, however, were slightly different from the ones described below and will be discussed at a later date. Stay tuned.

I regressed him back to these dreams and (much to our surprise) stumbled upon some very interesting data that may help explain the recent military preparations in the US and many other points recently discussed. It is also in line with the remote viewing predictions made by major Ed Dames and the Farsight Institute (note: the subject is unaware of any RV research made in regards to the probable future timelines), among others.

Here's what transpired in the session (please keep in mind that subjects under hypnosis are not psychics and do not make any prophetic announcements. They merely pick up and report on the data that is conveyed to them by the subconscious mind or telepathic communications from other sentient beings. This data may or may not be fantasy, fully or partially):

1. Time traveler:

The first scene he entered after induction was a past life of his in Renaissance Florence, where he worked as a painter and lived with his father in a small house near a canal. Since he was shown this scene without any apparent reason I directed him to an "important day" that may contain clues for the topics of our investigation. That day he met somebody who did not appear normal to him. He described the man as human, but very different from the rest with rough white marble skin (from here on - MSM, as he refused to give his name, saying it was not important).
As some of you know, the subconscious mind will always guide the subject to view a scene most relevant to the questions that were discussed in pre-session, so I decided to see into the matter a bit more closely. We were able to speak to the strange (MSM) man and found out he was a time traveler that came to Florence from the year 2560 to inspire someone for an invention of some sort.

Considering the MSM claimed to be form the future, and thus would know some of our current history, I decided to ask a few questions about our near prospects, particularly year 2012.

Q: what is your physical age in year 2060
A: 324 years
Q: can you tell us something about the history of earth in year 2012?
A: It's the turning point of civilization. A large percentage of the earth population will change, accompanied by light entities making themselves known, which will lead to those people that did not change acting against the people that did change.
Q: can you give us a timeline?
A: in the next 4 months we'll see most people peaking, those that will change. Some quicker than others.
Q: and what does "peaking" mean?
A: their physical state will change. Their physical density will change.
Q: OK, are the properties of physical matter going to change?
A: yes, its all related.
Q: OK, how fast will the change take place?
A: it's very gradual, it won't be over night, maybe a couple of months, but it's certainly noticeable. Some people have already begun to experience the changes.
Q: and what would be the first signs of these changes?
A: its different for everyone, but the early signs would be dizziness, nausea, bad feelings, almost the feeling of being sick, but in reality its simply your body changing, the density of your bones. In other cases it will be a good feeling, feelings of happiness, joy, motivation.
Q: and is there a reason why some will change and some won't?
A: everyone handles it differently. Not everyone is prepared mentally. People who are in a poor mental state will receive it a lot worse than someone who is prepared mentally... who is aware and embracing changes...
Q: Do you by any chance have an idea why troops are being brought into the US at this point, why Department of Homeland security is buying so much ammunition? Are they preparing for something?
A: They most certainly are. A war.
Q: A civil war?
A: In part - unrest within the country. Also between nations. 
Q: and what will the war be sparked by?
A: A virus.
Q: a virus?!? Is this virus known at this point?
A: no.
Q: And the outbreak will take place when?
A: within the next few weeks the first signs will appear.
Q: is it engineered?
A: yes. Military engineered.
Q: Ok... does the virus have a name?
A: there's no name for it, but it will break out in different countries at once.
Q: Ok... Uhm, usually, a virus does have a name, especially if it influenced a large portion of human history. Why can't you give us a name?
A: (subject reporting on his vision) He's just showing me something with an "R", but not really giving me a name. 
Q: ok... and what does it do, how does it act?
A: it causes a physical illness followed by a mental state that's irreparable.
Q: you mean like zombies? ;)
A: No. It just causes people to basically become retarded. Its designed to inhibit brain functions that would otherwise help us evolve into our next state, to keep us under control.
Q: And governments engineered this?
A: yes.
Q: did they have any help from "otherworldly" people?
A: no.
Q: so the governments are aware of what we call ascension?
A: yes, absolutely.
Q: and this ascension is to begin within the next 2 months, if I understand correctly?
A: yes, its already begun, but the signs are very subtle at the moment, nothing that would cause alarm.
Q: does history have a big economic meltdown in year 2012?
A: yes, with the war will come the economic downfall of many countries and currencies.
Q: so this is literally world war 3 we're talking about?
A: yes. The blame will be pinned on several different countries. Some that were involved and some that weren't.
Q: what kind of weapons will be used?
A: unfortunately, with the numbers of people that will be infected, chemical and nuclear weapons will be used.
Q: And when will we see this virus again?
A: the first signs will surface within the next 2 months, before year end.
Q: ok... will there be any major natural disasters in year 2013?
A: yes. Many coast lines will essentially disappear and erode.  Shorelines will be closer in. Cities will be lost. The war itself, the type of weapons used will deplete much of what we know as the ozone layer, causing climate changes and severe catastrophes.
Q: are there any meteorites coming in?
A: no.

At this point the MSM interrupted the conversation and said he needed to leave, adding that he will find us physically if the need to communicate more data arises.

2. Year 2036:

After saying our goodbyes to MSM, I directed the subject into a recurrent dream that involved him being inside a warzone or a concentration camp. Seemingly unrelated to our first encounter, this next scene ended up being a continuation of our journey.

He ended up inside a very large courtyard of a fenced-off industrial area heavily guarded from entry and exit. After several minutes of investigation the geographical area proved to be French territory around the city of Lyon. I asked the subject to look at his hands to establish if we were perhaps viewing another past life of his. The answer was negative - his hands were the same, hinting toward the present lifetime/ timeline. 

People inside the area appeared to be wearing old worn-out clothes but did not display any signs of sickness, despair or other negativity.

He met a woman there whose name was Susanna, and who agreed to answer some of our questions:

Q: Hello Susanna. Can you tell us which year this is in?
A: 2036
Q: ok... Can you please tell us what's happening here, why the subject ended up in this camp with you?
A: this used to be a quarantine zone. Then they just kept everyone there and they all work there.
Q: quarantine zone against what?
A: a virus.
Q: a virus?!?
A: yes.
Q: can you give us a name for that virus?
A: she says its the virus that destroys reality... Doesn't make much sense...
Q: doesn't... Could you please ask her to elaborate?
A: she says it breaks peoples' brain tissue down... so literally, knowledge and memory and experiences are erased... almost as if it makes your brain activity to go in reverse... back to the childhood...
Q: and when she says "it destroys reality", what she means is it destroys the personal reality of the infected individual?
A: yes
Q: when did this virus break out?
A: first signs came in 2012
Q: still, I would like to ask her for the name of the virus, I'm sure it must have a name.
A: Everyone just calls it the "Reality virus"... that seems to be the common name here...
Q: how old is Susanna?
A: 24
Q: 24? so she must've been born in 2012?
A: correct.
Q: OK... and what differentiates the people who are inside this concentration camp and outside?
A: well, the people who were fully ascended at the time of the virus outbreak did not get infected. Only those that were not fully ascended got infected.
Q: what would Susanna call "full ascension", what does that imply?
A: the level of vibration at which the brain functions to that of the normal human brain. Your body, your brain, your muscles, your senses... You still remain as a physical being, but you're also on a higher plane.
Q: Ok... this ascension process... how long did that take?
A: she was born with it, as her mother was fully ascended at the time.
Q: which day was she born?
A: December 12
Q: By that day, did the virus already make its outbreak?
A: yes, several cases were showing already
Q: Ok... how long did it take her mother to ascend?
A: about 6 months
Q: so she began ascension in June?
A: yes.
Q: at which point did ascension end for everybody? these changes...?
A: it was still going on well into 2013, for about 3 quarters into the year.
Q: Did a major war break out in 2012, and if so, can she give us some details? Like the date, who made the first strike etc...
A: yes. She doesn't recall, but it was toward the end of the year. It was the Americans that attacked the Asians.
Q: Asians...?
A: Korea.
Q: Korea?!? Hmmm... North or south?
A: North
Q: interesting.. and what did they strike them for?
A: North Korea was one of the 3 nations that took responsibility for the engineering of the virus.
Q: Did they take responsibility or just got blamed and then attacked?
A: no one really knows. The blame was thrown from both sides. The Koreans said that Americans engineered the virus and then made the excuse to attack them...

(it is unclear from the conversation how it was possible to know the virus was engineered on such short notice, much less WHO did it. I will ask this question in the next session)

Q: so what happens to the fully ascended people if they are not part of the concentration camps? Or ARE the part of the camps?
A: these are not concentration camps at all, they are simply safe haven for those who have ascended to stay together.
Q: but you said there were guards in this camp?
A: these are protection guards, like soldiers, designated members of this camp that have higher authority and keep anyone from entering or exiting. So it is like a prison in a way, but you would want to be in it.
Q: ok... interesting... We ended up in this location in year 2036 through your dream, I asked you to follow the dream and you ended up here. Does she know you? Does Susanna know you?
A: yes?
Q: what is your role and who are you?
A: I came down there one day looking for family members in year 2015. There's a camp like this near every major city...
Q: I see... Why do they require these camps? Do the people affected by the virus attack you?
A: No. There's military that patrols... they take those who are ascended and test them... see if they can find a cure... because the ascended ones cannot be infected...
Q: so basically there are 3 groups: the ascended ones, the military and the rest of the population that got infected?
A: correct.
Q: ok... where do they get their food?
A: they have these underground gardens, about 50 meters below each camp...
Q: interesting... so is there any contact with other civilizations that's been established?
A: yes.
Q: and are they present on earth in 2036?
A: they were for a long time and then they went back into hiding.
Q: were they malevolent?
A: no
Q: ok, what was their purpose then, why dint they help us out with the virus?
A: they helped us speed up the process of ascension...
Q: well, I wouldn't really call it ascension if people are stuck in camps... can she comment on that...?
A: she says those that ascended they have had missions for the past year to go out and help those that are infected...  to try and bring them back into a level of consciousness that was normal... none succeeded...
Q: well... those people that were affected by the virus, do they still reproduce?
A: yes. but they act like children... like animals really... a primitive subspecies of humans... you could call it like caveman... a semi-intelligent species...
Q: ok... so you came there in 2015 looking for your family... did you find them?
A: no...
Q: does she know what happened to them?
A: no
Q: do you have a specific role in all this?
A: I'm just one of the inhabitants... I know nobody here from my current life...
Q: can you ask Susanna what is the proportion of the population that ascended?
A: about 40-50%. 20% infected... the rest are either not infected yet or lost in the war.
Q: how does it feel to be ascended for Susanna?
A: the physical boundaries or limitations from before are gone... such as defeating gravity...
Q: you mean she can fly?
A: not fly, but certainly leap or hover... leap higher than normal I guess...
Q: I see... What kind of transport do they use?
A: there are still some old timer transportation, but also anti-gravity devices... they are very small, almost look like a bicycle seat with just a small pod underneath it that you seat on.
Q: ok... did the properties of physical matter change?
A: yes they have. with the climate change, there was also some re-magnetization of the earth, a readjustment of gravity of sorts... the density of matter changed...
Q: so did that give advantages?
A: yes, but also disadvantages. A lower density in matter makes things weaker, more fragile, but also stretches the limitations that we can achieve in them...
Q: ok... so if you take a piece of glass for instance, would you be able to bend the piece of glass with your fingers in the year 2036?
A: yes. but after a point it would still break... the biggest changes are in organic matter though... plants, wood, skin, water... the physical properties will change... skin for example, will be denser... like the inside organs are going to be lower density, so we'll need a denser protective layer, our skin will be tougher to compensate for being more fragile...
Q: I see... ok. in which year did those civilizations make themselves known?
A: about 3 months into 2013.
Q: and why did they show up?
A: to hasten the ascension.. because the more people that were aware of their presence and intent, the faster they would ascend. 
Q: what about the malevolent ETs and EDs, are they still present?
A: I'm not seeing them in this timeline...
Q: what would influence the ones that ascend? something they did, ate, the way they lived, what they believed?
A: its really about the mental state more than anything. Nothing about physical. The physical state will change regardless if they're unhealthy, or healthy, or overweight... If mentally they are prepared, and if mentally they are accepting all that ascension entails, they will be ready faster than others...
Q: ok... from what you told me, it does not look like you've aged at all in 2036. Can Susanna tell us what happens with the aging process?
A: she says its peculiar, because those that are born ascended are still aging, but those that reached ascension at the time it began, have been aging very slowly.
Q: ok.. has time travel been invented at this point?
A: invented - no; achieved - yes.
Q: ok. how was it achieved.
A: astral travel
Q: oh, I see. Has she been into the future herself?
A: no
Q: who actually does the travel? Is there an organization devoted to this?
A: no, just individuals that are able to project themselves into other times. but this takes training.
Q: and what is Susanna's occupation?
A: she's a cook.
Q: I see.. and how does she feel about living isolated in this camp, does it make sense to her?
A: it's all she's ever known, so she couldn't compare to anything else, she says...
Q: ok, what about the elders, what do they say?
A: she says she's seen images and heard stories about the past from people, but it doesn't appeal to her. She's satisfied with her life... regardless of the situation she simply fills herself with light and love...

Q: well ok, right now I don't really have any more questions off the top of my head, and we need to move on in our session. Would she like to tell us anything else perhaps?
A: no
Q: is it ok for us to come and see her again?
A: certainly.
Q: one more thing. Can you look at your arm in year 2036, in astral, and tell me if you still have those 2 puncture marks on your arm?
A: (subject examines his astral arm) yes I do.
Q: can you ask her if she has any clue of what this may be?
A: yes she does. these markings were typical of the entities that came to speed the ascension. This was simply a mark left after taking a sample. A tissue sample. It's completely harmless.
Q: you said you felt some kind of bump under the skin?
A: she says its just some hardened tissue, not an implant...
Q: well, we thank Susanna very much and say good bye to her then.
A: she says goodbye...

3. Light entities

After this, I directed the subject to the third and final scene - that of his most recent dream, in which he saw entities abducting him, and after which the mark on his arm appeared. He immediately went into the scene and reported being in his bedroom. He first heard footsteps by the bed and eventually 3 beings of light materialized by his side. As they stood there taking his sample, they communicated by sending light impulses to one another...

Q: what do they look like?
A: just like blurs of white & silver light. They're talking to one another but I can't understand them, they are on a different type of communication than us... its not words and not even telepathy, just pulses of silverish light.
Q: Can you try communicate with them?
A: he says he's not sure I'm ready to do that...
Q: well, we just have a few simple questions, can we just try? or... is there a time when it will be possible?
A: they say they'll return in a few months... but not to worry, they are not here to harm me..
Q: I just have a quick test question then. We have a common friend that also had similar marks on him. Have they also visited him?
A: yes.
Q: ok... looks like we can talk just fine... do they come to see people under any specific circumstances or do they just do it randomly?
A: just certain people that display signs of advancement... brainwaves, vibrations... they've already visited about 10-15% of population... they expect to visit 40-50%
Q: have they been to see any other friends of ours?
A: yes, our friend XYZ... and they've come to see you, but they could not get too close.
Q: why not?
A: because you're shielded... you've put up an energy barrier around yourself...
Q: I did that? How and why would I do that?
A: yes... to keep the malevolent energies away... They are not malevolent, but still the shield does not let them get close...
Q: ok, but I know nothing of this shield... how can it be up without my personal knowledge? I only protect myself with light...
A: well, that's that then...  it's there...
Q: ok... we've just been to see the future earlier in this session, and also spoke to a time traveler that claimed to be form the future. Both the people we spoke to pretty much had the same story to tell... Is this the only timeline that exists right now?
A: this is the main one...
Q: what is the alternative?
A: the alternatives are based on 2 outcomes: when they come to make themselves a known presence, people will either receive it the right way or the wrong way...
Q: and when do they plan to do that?
A: in 2013
Q: and this will happen by all means or is it still conditional?
A: it will happen
Q: do they have names? Their civilization/ federation/ group?
A: no, they are just beings of light...
Q: ok... and I guess the only way we can communicate with them is by regressing you back into this dream again?
A: yes... otherwise they will come soon again...
Q: they are going to visit you again?
A: yes... and you...
Q: ok... question is will we be aware of it, or will it still be in a dream?
A: I'll be aware of it... they will take a sample again from my skin... to see the level of progression in different cases...
Q: ok... can they tell us some more about this virus we just spoke about, the one that transforms reality? Like who made it, what the name is etc?
A: its the American and the British... they don't have a name...
Q: ok, I see... I have a question in regards to another session I had recently, where a subject had reported that there will be some kind of portals opening in year 2012. What kind of portals are these?
A: interdimensional portals. these are only accessible by those who are fully ascended... those who discover them first will show others.
Q: and where do these portals open?
A: to the next dimension.
Q: and will they stay there or close eventually?
A: they close eventually, but they are also re-accessible. Some people can call them up. A very small percentage though... just a handful...
Q: what are they for, can we leave earth though them?
A: yes. and you can choose to stay in that dimension.
Q: and how different is that dimension to ours?
A: its close to what we know here, just less suffering.
Q: is this parallel earth, a second earth or...?
A: its parallel... but you can forever and ever after move between there and here, back and forth...
Q: so you can basically have 2 homes, one on this earth, and one on the other?
A: yes. Can we wrap this up though, I'm getting really tired?
Q: ok, no problem... do they have anymore to add to the conversation?
A: they say just stay positive, embrace the changes that will come... If you embrace the changes, they will come quicker. And instead of trying to tell others to embrace the changes, focus on yourself, focus on rising to the higher level , and then once you've risen you can help others.
Q: How can I do that?
A: Stay positive, happy... surround yourself with love and people you care about... People will naturally be drawn to those they care about towards the end of the year.
Q: In another session, with the other person who you guys tested, what he said was there was some kind of invasion coming. His exact words were "They come every 5000 years to reset the planet. We belong to them". Can you comment on that?
A: It's not to reset it... They want to see us grow, but with as little intervention on their behalf as possible. They come every 5000 years, sometimes they give us a little nudge, but other than that they don't interfere.
Q: ok, I guess we're gonna wrap up, because (the subject) is getting tired, so I say goodbye to you guys, and wish you well... Do you have anything else to add?
A: no
Q: would it be ok for us to come see you again at a future date?
A: yes. you'll see much more of them, they say.
Q: well, I sure hope so, but when and how?
A: very soon.
Q: I hate that word! :) "soon" does not mean anything, "soon" can mean in 2000 years. WHEN? give me a day! :)
A: a few months.
Q: in a few months I will see them physically or in a dream?
A: perhaps both...
Q: haha, ok... I got a birthday coming up, so you guys can give me a present right? :)
A: very well.

Post Scriptum:

Regardless of what may have transpired in this session, and whether you choose to believe it or not, it deserves our utmost consideration because it is very much in line with MANY other sources of data. Our timelines and their respective effects on the human race and all of us individually may intertwine and split off, but from the looks of it all, the world IS changing, whether we accept it or not. Take from this session what resonates with you most and leave out the rest. Your heart should tell you exactly how...

I will be doing another session with the same subject in a few days, probably Monday Sept 10. If any of you have any good questions you would like to ask any of the 3 characters mentioned herein, please don't hesitate.
Also, if any of you has found such markings on themselves, please report.

There are several illnesses reported in 2012 that somewhat resemble the desctiption:

As the reader may have understood by now, the information is often given unwillingly and sometimes lacks substance. I personally find it rather suspicious, but who are we to judge "their" ways of communication?
The reason I posted these transcripts is because much of it resonates with me and is also confirmed by other sources. The rest we will know in due time.

As other skeptics, I also find that there is an element of disinformation in all this, and urge everyone to apply their own truth meter. In a way, this very truth meter, is part of a maturity exam, which we are currently undergoing, and nobody is going to give us straight answers. We must find them ourselves. It is due to this fact that we often find inconsistencies in these sessions, yet I  cannot rule out that this particular channel has not been "compromised".

Everything to do with tsunamis, viruses and other Armageddonы needs to be taken as one of the probable futures. In other words, the future is never decided, but being warned means being prepared!

I am personally much more interested in the ongoing Ascension/ Shift, which is so often spoken of nowdays. This is precisely why I dedicate some sessions to this particular topic and share the results.
The reader is free to decide what resonates with them and apply their inner voice for further guidance.

Those of you that do not resonnate with the given information are free to look for answers in mainstream media, where professional journalists report on current events in most unbiast and truthful ways.
Thank you for your attention.


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