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Universal Consciousness 101
digitall_angell wrote in d_a_english

We are strings in a cosmic continuum, in an infinite number of reasons
That compose this celestial delirium, filled with eons of beautiful seasons...

We are cast on the pillars of magic, we are parts of an infinite soul
That seeks love by self-training in tragic, and through balance remains in control...

He is energy, matter and spaces, she is time and she is information,
It is everything tuned into senses of all souls in continued formation.

Pure life in eternal evolvement, it is seeking to understand
Through directed and conscious involvement in all worlds it can ever invent
How it feels to be free and imprudent, how to make mistakes and correct them,
What to keep and what to improve on, and perpetually seek for perfection.

It transcends us from head to toe, from a human, to planet, to star,
It develops and endlessly grows, but it never adventures too far.
It is based on the simplest instructions, that repeat from a cosmos to cell:
We are parts of Eternal Construction, we create our worlds for ourselves!

We are free to challenge and match it, get encouraged and inspire it,
Any universe ever imagined will be tested for long-term survival!
We are bits of Unbounded Magic, we just need to learn to apply it,
In composure of Cosmic Solfeggio our souls are forever united!

All we need is to get rid of fear, we need only open our eyes
To the truth that may cost us dear, yet it's better than drenching in lies!
We need use our heart and our spirit, be benevolent and forgiving,
God is US, time has come to see it! We are dreams of an infinite being...


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