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[sticky post]Past life regression hypnosis and astral travel
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This is a short English version of my blog Digitall_Angell. Most of the sessions and texts listed here were done/ written by myself, unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to contact me for more information @

In reality, we truly do live inside an elaborate self-conscious matrix, and hypnotists can be compared to operators from a movie with the same name. We take people outisde the boundaries of physical matter reality. Welcome, Neo!

Low on energy?
Anxious about the future?
Having problems with family/ work?
Confused/ curious about your nature and purpose here? What about the earth changes?

Regression hypnosis will help you heal and find the answers!

My technique is largely based on Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing modality and combines various methods of hypnotherapy and allows for physical, spiritual and energy healing through past life regression, contact with the higher self, and astral projection, as well as access to unlimited knowledge through applied use of metaphysics, among other means. Available to everyone, no training required!

How it's done:

It is a well-known fact that we only use 10-15% of our brain capacity. Some people, however, have shown "paranormal" abilities such as spontaneous healing, telepathy and clairvoyance, among countless others. In fact, all humans are capable of such feats; it is only a matter of knowing how to use them.

Hypnosis allows to access these hidden capabilities through altered states of consciousness without prior training, where the patient is induced (relaxed through simple suggestion) to a mind state similar to that of deep meditation. This state (the Theta state/ somnambulistic trance) is experienced by all humans every night right before going to sleep, and is therefore completely natural and harmless to body and mind.

Before each session the client provides a list of questions that they wish to have answered. These questions may range anywhere from simple personal topics (what is my mission here?/ what is my karmic connection with my family?) to much more elaborate philosophical subjects, such as the reasons for growing global changes and man's place in the Universe of Creation. The questions are discussed in a pre-talk prior to each session, and placed in order of importance (please refer to "Typical questions" section at the bottom of this document).

The session itself is conducted in a relaxed state, where the client lays on a couch or bed in a comfortable position with eyes closed. Induction takes a maximum of 15 minutes. Once the Theta state has been reached, the work can begin. The session is then followed by an after-talk to discuss/ explain the findings.
Our subconscious mind (soul/ spirit/ essence/ higher self) contains all memories of everything that has ever happened to us, as well as wisdom and answers that our conscious mind (ego) may not be able to access due to a vast variety of reasons. One of the main aims of a hypnosis session is therefore to establish contact with the higher self, which allows for practically unlimited learning, as well as spiritual and physical healing. It also allows to connect to higher spirits (guardians) that have immeasurable information about the Universe as a whole (some restrictions may apply depending on the depth of topic and subject's ability to interpret the data).
Depending on the session's aims, the client is guided to view events or connect with various sources of information, and thus receives all data first hand, without any possible manipulation on the part of the operator (therapist). The session is recorded on audio, and a copy is left with the client in absolute confidentiality.

In this video Dolores Cannon explains how the healing is actually done:

Why is stress so harmful and how can hypnosis help?
Most humans experience stress on a daily basis. Work, family and society put pressures on us that can cause fear, depression, anger and other mental discomforts along with physical symptoms, such as lack of motivation and energy. In some extreme cases stress can cause severe problems to the heart, respiratory and nervous systems, among many others. In fact, all physical body ailments appear to be related to the spirit and/or karma* one way or another, and are initially caused by variable degrees of stress in 99% of cases. (* Karma is the nature's way to keep things at balance; we pay for everything we do wrong one way or another. These principles will be discussed in a pre-talk individually with each client due to case-by-case specifics)

Much of this stress can be easily released through spiritual practices such as meditation and Reiki. Unfortunately, not many of us have time or knowledge of techniques that allow for such self-treatment. Hypnosis is an easy way to enter meditative states and access information needed to heal the spirit; it is available to any human being without exception and requires no prior training.

Why is past life regression important?

The biggest fear that humans have is the fear of the so-called "death". This fear arises from poor understanding of the principles involved in the evolution of spirit, where "death" of the physical body is simply an end of one journey among thousands. Every single living being on this planet is an unbounded spirit that has lived here and, oftentimes, on other planets/ dimensions before in order to collect knowledge and wisdom through personal experience. We have all come here to accomplish specific tasks and learn new lessons. People we meet and events that happen to us are part of a karmic program that we ourselves establish before each incarnation as elements of our learning curriculum.

Therefore, understanding our true nature and purpose is vital towards accepting ourselves and becoming stronger, because the mere knowledge of being an eternal spirit is empowering in itself!

Important notice:

Please be advised, that not everyone is capable of deep (somnambulistic) trance to the same degree. Certain people can only view their past lives, but cannot let go enough to get to the Subconscious (higher self/ soul). Some others are capable of channeling the SC, but can barely get around the PL. Duration can also vary depending on how long the person can stay in trance (some people can go for up to 5 hours, some barely last 2), and the information we stumble upon (oftentimes every new answer yields a variety of new questions). However, the average session takes about 4 hours in total:
1.5 hours pre-talk + 1.5 hours session + 1 hour after-talk.

While obtaining information will take a single session, healing and other modalities may take several.

Persons without prior knowledge of principles of karma and/ or past life regression are highly advised to watch this documentary pre-session:

Dr. Michael Newton - Journey Between Lives_1/3

(there are 3 parts of 15 mins each, please make sure to watch the totality)

Other capabilities:
-Connect to deceased or living persons through telepathy.
-Experience astral projection across time and space (remote viewing).
-Look into the past or the future.
-Understand the principles of ongoing world changes and ascension, see what will happen in 2012 and beyond.
-Spirit release therapy (may require several sessions)
-Quit smoking, lose weight etc. (may require several sessions)

Side effects:

No negative or harmful side effects have been recorded until this day. Our brain circuitry is designed in a way to never harm the body, mind or spirit.
Positive side effects may include:
-better focus, sharper mind, longer attention span
-increased intuition and memory
-total or significant loss of nightmares
-higher self-assurance and motivation

Costs/ duration/ recommendations:
All sessions are conducted over Skype, unless you wish to visit Geneva, Switzerland. The cost is EUR 200 per session
PayPal coordinates:
Yandex money coordinates (Russian Web-based money system) для перевода в рублях: номер счета 410011653826829 (на Яндекс перевод можно сделать из любого российского банка через платежный терминал, либо подойдя к окошку, или в Евросети)

If you have a partner who wishes to conduct a session, it is advisable to have it done on the same day so you can better "compare notes".
However, please be advised that the session is conducted one-on-one with the therapist, no third parties can be present (we all have "secret gardens" and it is not a good idea to have anyone listen in, because the received data may contain conflicts of interest. Everything is recorded anyway, and you can always have your partner/ friend/ relative listen to it if you so choose)
Somnambulistic trance usually makes people quite tired in the aftermath. You are therefore kindly advised to refrain from social or other activities that will require your full focus. The best idea is to have a quiet rest of the day and go to sleep 1 hour earlier than usual to be in full form for tomorrow.


Please write to for booking, questions or comments.
French and Russian spoken.


The best time to conduct a session is in the afternoon or evening. Friday night or week-end being the better choice, as this allows the client to thoroughly relax and assimilate received data in the aftermath.

Typical questions that can be asked in a hypnosis session:

These are given as a reference point/ example only. You are not limited by them and are not required to answer them.
Quality of the session is directly related to the questions you wish to have answered. It is therefore very important to use all your imagination and touch on as many topics as you desire. All questions will be answered in order of importance so please write them in that order. The more questions, the better!
1. What is my purpose and mission in this life?
2. Why can't I accept rejection? Why do I need so much affection?
3. How many lives have I had?
4. What is my connection with my loved ones?
5. Why am I so demanding with myself? Nothing seems good enough.
6. Why do I feel lost?
7. Why am I always tired?
8. Why do I feel and hope this should be my last life?
9. Why nothing amazes me?
10. Many years ago I had something strange happen to me. (This could be a dream, vision, feeling, or experience) What exactly happened, and why?
11. I have a lifelong interest in (name ANY subject) can we explore this in depth?
12. Am I on my right spiritual path?
13. Can I meet my spirit guide or guardian angel? (Yes, if you are ready)
14. Can I improve my intuitive or psychic skills? How?
15. How can I create more peace or balance or abundance in my life?
16. Why do I have back pain all the time? Can we fix it?
17. What do my allergies originate from?
18. I have two partners in my business. I trust one of them, but not the other. Am I right in my intuition?
19. Do I have a soul mate who I'm supposed to marry? Do I know him/ her already?
20. My boss hates me. Why?
21. Am I making the right choice by leaving my partner?
22. I recently had an operation that included full anesthesia. Since then I keep having nightmares/ pains, can we remove that?
23. My mother recently passed away. Can we see if she's ok now? (Yes, and you may even be able to talk to her. Please prepare a list of questions in such case)
24. Is it due to karma that my parents and I cannot seem to find a stable home in this life? What steps do I need to take to fix this for my family and myself?
25. My hormones are unbalanced. Can we fix it?
26. Why do I have such severe mood swings/ anxiety/ depression?
27. I have a difficult relationship with my sister/ parent/ partner. Why is this so and can it be resolved?


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